2030 World Cup to be held across three continents

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The 2030 World Cup will be held across six counties in three continents, Fifa has confirmed.

Spain, Portugal and Morocco have been named as the co-hosts, with the opening three matches taking place in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

The opening matches in South America are to mark the World Cup's centenary as it will be 100 years since the inaugural tournament in Montevideo.

The decision is set to be ratified at a Fifa congress next year.

"In a divided world, Fifa and football are uniting," said Fifa president Gianni Infantino.

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Comment posted by honest is best, today at 16:21

That will help global warming

Comment posted by Beeb username, today at 16:22

Very environmentally friendly…

Comment posted by Doodar , today at 16:22

More countries involved.... More back handers involved

Comment posted by slothintrainin, today at 16:23

😂😂😂 still waiting for FIFA to realise that England already has the set up needed for a world cup without building new standiums or travelling thousands of miles to get to them. I mean you could hold a world cup in London alone with the amount of decent stadiums there. It's a joke

Reply posted by u2coop, today at 16:28

u2coop replied:

Sadly the world saw the Euro final

Comment posted by SlimJim, today at 16:23

Great for the environment... stupid decision

Reply posted by CO 2023 , today at 16:27

CO 2023 replied:

Football doesn’t do anything for the climate, in fact, the only football team that takes direct action is Forest Green Rovers and they are constantly mocked as well as others point blank refusing to change!

Why is the World Cup forced to take action when the team you probably support only has negative impacts! ACCOUNTABILITY

Comment posted by DaveB24, today at 16:23

Comment posted by Em, today at 16:23

Interesting! That’s a lot of additional travel for everyone involved!

Comment posted by Bobbington, today at 16:21

Reply posted by Doh, today at 16:24

Doh replied:

Money money and more money

Comment posted by H, today at 16:23

Comment posted by BTucker, today at 16:25

Probably the most WTF decision from FIFA, and they've made a lot of WTF decisions over the years

Reply posted by Eyes Wide Open, today at 16:29

Eyes Wide Open replied:

Each new FIFA President is as corrupt as the last one, plus about extra for time wasting.

Comment posted by Off you trot Glazers, today at 16:23

Its getting totally out of control. Award it to a deserving footballing nation only. Why go across 6 countries, there's no prestige in that.

Reply posted by CO 2023 , today at 16:27

CO 2023 replied:

Cause it’s called the WORLD Cup

Comment posted by karl, today at 16:23


Just award it to each continent in turn. Then put each group stage in a different country. The knockout games to be played in one country.

Stops ludicrous spending and most of the corruption.

Comment posted by PT, today at 16:25

Well that's bright. I see FIFA are taking their green credentials seriously. It sounds almost as sensible as holding the WC in a desert.... wait, hold on a minute.

Comment posted by Mick the saint channon, today at 16:23

That should boost their air miles!

Comment posted by Good Kind Crake, today at 16:24

Even by FIFA standards that's ridiculous

Comment posted by yjopgemm, today at 16:24

Another great idea from FIFA! bribe-to-be

Comment posted by rrabbit, today at 16:25

Crazy. Trying to reduce carbon footprints and air travel. Now teams, fans, press, officials and sponsors will be clocking up thousands of miles bouncing across the Atlantic. Ridiculous.

Comment posted by Neil Adair, today at 16:22

Comment posted by Nealos, today at 16:26

Sustainability at it's finest

Comment posted by Garth, today at 16:24

This is getting silly now

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