A New Cheap COVID-19 Vaccine to Soon Have Global Access: It is the First One to Use New Molecular Design

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A new COVID-19 vaccine, cheaper than other brands, is now entering clinical trials in Thailand, Vietnam, and Mexico. The developers of this new medicine claim that the new NDV-HXP-S coronavirus vaccine is very different from other COVID-19 shots. 

 It is the First One to Use New Molecular Design

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A chicken peers out from a cage at the Sanoh chicken farm January 27, 2007 in Suphanburi, Thailand. The family run Sanoh farm has around 5,000 chickens located in one of the main chicken farm areas two hours north of Bangkok. Although the farm has been completely free of Bird Flu, its owners say that they are struggling to make ends meet with lower prices on eggs and increased prices on chicken feed.

According to The New York Times' latest report, the medical innovation is the first vaccine that uses a new molecular design. This new technology could allow NDV-HXP-S to produce more potent antibodies than the current COVID-19 medicines such as Sinovac, Moderna, Johnsons and Johnsons, and more. 

Unlike Pfizer and other coronavirus vaccines, which need to be produced in specialized factories using ingredients that are very difficult to acquire, the new NDV-HXP-S vaccine will be mass-produced in chicken eggs. 

What makes the NDV-HXP-S COVID-19 vaccine different 

Yahoo Finance reported that the new cheap vaccine will come from chicken eggs, which is the same process that experts use to make influenza vaccines for the past years. Since it is easier to produce compared to other brands, the developers could make billion of doses of the new NDV-HXP-S vaccine.

 It is the First One to Use New Molecular Design

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Jess Baddams, paramedic, holds a blood sample as she poses for a photograph during an antibody testing program at the Hollymore Ambulance Hub of the West Midlands Ambulance Service, operated by the West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, on June 5, 2020 in Birmingham, England. The British government is providing antibody testing to NHS and care home staff as part of the first phase of its antibody testing programme.

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However, this will only happen once its clinical trials prove that it is effective and safe for human use. The new COVID-19 vaccine will be very essential for middle-income and low-income countries, which are currently struggling to purchase the expensive COVID-19 shots from wealthier nations. 

"That's staggering - it would be a game-changer," said Duke Global Health Innovation Center's Assistant Director Andrea Taylor. 

"It's a home run for protection. I think it's a world-class vaccine," added the medical expert.  

Will it be available globally? 

As of the moment, the new cheap vaccine is still completing its clinical trials.

UT News confirmed that it is the product of global partners that want to provide people with advanced and more affordable vaccines. These include the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, The University of Texas at Austin, and more. 

On the other hand, PATH, a global organization, is now helping the vaccine's developers so that they could soon have global access. If you want to know more details, just click here.

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