Apple Warns Users Not to Sleep With Their iPhones While Charging — Here's Why

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Apple has issued a cautionary advisory urging iPhone users not to sleep with their devices while charging.  

The reason behind this recommendation is the potential for iPhones, charging cables, and chargers to become warm during the charging process, which could lead to discomfort or even injury if they come into prolonged contact with the skin.

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Apple: 'Use Common Sense'

The guidance, outlined in the latest version of Apple's iPhone user manual, encourages users to exercise common sense and avoid situations wherein their skin might be in prolonged contact with a charging device or power adapter connected to a power outlet. 

The warning extends to scenarios such as sleeping on a device, placing it under pillows, blankets, or one's own body, especially when it is actively charging.

"Use common sense to avoid situations where your skin is in contact with a device or power adapter while it is running or connected to a power outlet for a long time," the company said in the most recent edition of its iPhone user manual.

Apple's user manual details the rationale behind these guidelines, emphasizing the importance of handling iPhones with care due to their composition of metal, glass, and plastic, along with sensitive electronic components.

The company highlights that dropping, burning, puncturing, crushing, or exposing iPhones to liquids can damage the device or its battery, potentially leading to overheating or injury.

The manual also discusses the repair of iPhones, advising that they should be serviced only by trained technicians to prevent further damage or loss of water resistance capabilities. Unauthorized disassembly or repair could lead to potential harm to the device or even the user.

Regarding battery repairs, Apple emphasizes that qualified technicians should exclusively service iPhone batteries to prevent battery damage, which has the potential to cause overheating, fires, or injuries.

Additionally, the company encourages proper disposal or recycling of batteries in accordance with local environmental laws.

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Lasers in iPhone Models of Apple

The advisory also draws attention to the presence of lasers in certain iPhone models and the safety mechanisms associated with them. 

Users are warned that improper repair or use of non-genuine Apple components could interfere with these safety mechanisms, potentially resulting in hazardous exposure to the lasers.

Furthermore, the user manual reminds users of the potential distractions posed by using iPhones in specific situations, such as driving or engaging in activities requiring full attention.

The manual advises adhering to safety guidelines and regulations that restrict or prohibit the use of mobile devices in certain contexts. Apple's warning extends to the proper usage of charging cables, connectors, and wireless chargers.

The company highlights that using damaged cables or chargers and charging in the presence of moisture can lead to the risk of fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to devices.

To prevent these risks, the manual advises users to properly insert the charging cable's USB connector into a compatible power adapter and avoid using metallic cases or foreign objects on wireless chargers.

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