Authenticx Identifies Latest Healthcare Trends and Insights for Improving CX

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Authenticx, the new standard in healthcare for listening to customer voices at scale, has released its 2022 Customer Voices in Healthcare report. The report offers critical insights into customer barriers, motivators and frustrations about customer interactions with healthcare organizations. This third edition breaks down how to leverage data for developing and building a true customer-centric experience in today's healthcare environment.


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This year's data suggests healthcare organizations are focused on the idea of customer centricity - that is, understanding where customers get stuck in their healthcare journey, actively listening to learn what customers need, and designing solutions to address those needs.

"To achieve true customer centricity, healthcare organizations first must listen at scale- to the authenticx customer voices that are talking to them every day. Listening at scale empowers employees to identify and address customer needs more effectively and with more speed," said Amy Brown, founder and CEO of Authenticx. "Our report highlights the critical importance of transformation that's informed by comprehensive customer insights and robust metrics to drive strategic vision." 

Key findings and trends

Healthcare customer data from Authenticx includes 100 million analyzed conversations plus over 95,000 machine-analyzed and human-validated conversations from which it identified multiple disruptive themes, known as the Eddy EffectTM, including:

Failure to receive anticipated information or status updates via callbacks, mail, email, faxes and texts. Callers becoming stuck between two or more healthcare entities, such as their provider and the insurance company or the insurance company and the pharmacy. Perceptions of conflicting information offered by different sources. Delays in receiving required documentation, including prior authorizations, forms and applications. Confusion about forms, procedures, processes or terminology.

The Eddy Effect interfered with 18% of client interactions. Healthcare organizations spent an average of $726,000 annually to resolve disruptions. The top performing contact center quality score metrics in 2022 included "represents corporate brand," "avoids defensiveness" and "takes accountability." The lowest performing metrics were "maintains professionalism," "first impression" and "vocal fillers." 

Increasing customer centricity in healthcare

Authenticity and accountability elevate exceptional customer experiences above average ones. The Customer Voices in Healthcare report recommended strategies for healthcare organizations to transform their contact centers from a transactional- to an insights-based approach to better achieve customer centricity.

Data generated by both sides of a conversation empowers healthcare organizations to more effectively understand how to serve their employees and customers by:

Listening to or reading transcripts to understand the full customer/employee interaction. Deploying human capital and listening technology to monitor conversations at scale for trends, themes and feedback. Presenting data in compelling ways to influence positive change. Recognizing team impact, motivating employees and building connections with customers. Discovering opportunities for coaching, feedback, support and encouragement among teams.

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