Bali earthquake kills at least 3 people on Indonesian island - CNN - CNN International

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Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN)At least three people have died in Bali after a magnitude 4.8 earthquake hit the Indonesian island in the early hours of Saturday, damaging buildings and leaving people trapped in the rubble.

The earthquake damaged buildings in Karangasem and Bangli regencies on the east of the island, the Bali Province Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) said in a statement Saturday.

Rescue efforts are continuing in Karangasem where people remain trapped in the ruins of a building. Seven people are seriously injured, and one person is dead.

Two people died in Bangli, where landslides caused by the quake blocked a road, hampering evacuation efforts.

BPBD is warning people to be prepared for potential aftershocks.

Bali reopened to fully vaccinated visitors from 19 countries this week -- a move aimed at boosting the island's tourist-dependent economy.

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