Best Buy Current Health Acquisition: Home as the Center of Healthcare, Remote Solutions Soon?

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Best Buy has already announced its acquisition of Current Health, a known United Kingdom-based remote healthcare provider that specializes in home health solutions. Now, the US company has shown its interest in pursuing healthcare and other ventures related to providing assistance and other health solutions for a wider audience. 

The American company is known for its focus on being a retail store, being one of the most popular ones and massive in the country. However, it seems like Best Buy is moving forward and aiming for better ventures, especially one that involves healthcare as it is one of the most important things now, as a global pandemic is apparent. 

Best Buy and Current Health Acquisition

Best Buy Current Health Acquisition

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Best Buy has announced its acquisition of Current Health last Tuesday, October 12, and it shows the company's focus on healthcare which is going more into a remote setup. The move also means that Best Buy is expanding its business to a more hands-on approach, especially in setting up home health solutions soon.

The retail company has not yet revealed its exact plans with Current Health, but the initial focus of the company is to provide home healthcare for those that need it. That was also what Current Health is working on, with its venture in the United Kingdom. 

"The future of consumer technology is directly connected to the future of healthcare,"

--Deborah Di Sanzo, President of Best Buy Health.  

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Best Buy for Home Healthcare?

And as mentioned earlier, Best Buy has not yet elaborated on its solutions for home healthcare and consumer technology for the company's latest venture. Best Buy Health has not shown any concrete plans with regards to providing services or products, in conjunction with its acquisition of Current Health. 

The only focus it has for now is to provide home healthcare, as well as a remote setup for providing assistance and services. 

Home Healthcare: To Thrive?

Home Healthcare has been the massive thing to consider now, as hospitals are more dangerous than ever as the highly infectious virus of COVID-19 has the power to kill a person. That being said, there have been studies looking into home healthcare, especially with its integration with tech wearables that may help doctors understand and monitor better. 

Several companies have already gone into healthcare and its development, despite not being "health-specific" companies in the first place like the Cupertino-based tech company, Apple. However, branching out into healthcare does not necessarily mean that these companies would also focus there. 

They are simply adding more options for people to explore, especially as this pandemic reminded them how important it is to human's everyday life.

Best Buy is here to bring a new form of healthcare, and it is more focused on accessibility and remote services with Current Health. 

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