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Updated: 9:30 ET, Sep 25 2022

RUPAUL'S Drag Race star Cherry Valentine passed away last week at 28 years old, leaving fans shocked.

The family of Cherry, also known as George Ward, announced his death in a statement Friday morning.

The tragic news has prompted tributes from fans, friends, and fellow drag stars.

Fans are remembering Cherry along with two other stars from the show, Chi Chi DeVayne, and Sahara Davenport.

One fan tweeted, "If there is a heaven, Chi Chi Devayne and Cherry Valentine will be planning to put on the gig of the century. What a show it would be."

After complications from scleroderma and pneumonia, DeVayne passed away in 2020.

Davenport died in 2012 from heart failure at the age of 27.

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Fan art 'is absolutely incredible'

A condolence Twitter account for Cherry Valentine shared a thank you message to fans who have paid tribute to the star.

The account also shared fan art that was created in honor of Cherry.

Facts about Cherry Valentine

Cherry was a qualified mental health nurse and worked as an essential worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cherry revealed that she would have played Gillian Mckeith or Nikki Grahame on Snatch Game. Cherry’s headpiece fell off when she entered the Werk Room for the first time, causing her to have to redo her entrance. Cherry was the second queen of Romani descent to compete on any series of the Drag Race franchise.

Cherry left a legacy of acceptance

When asked in a 2021 interview what her message would be, Cherry stated, "We're more than meets the eye. My message would be 'don't judge people.'"

Cherry's life reflected this legacy through her ethical LGBTQ+ events company and her work as a nurse.

How Cherry became a drag queen

Cherry was first introduced to drag as a student at Lancaster University.

She told BBC News in a 2021 interview, "I went to Manchester for a couple of nights out and thought 'this is crazy, this is what I want to do.' That's when Cherry was born."

Cherry also said she had a love for dressing up even before she was introduced to drag.

Cherry Valentine joined the show to be an inspiration

Cherry Valentine joined RuPaul's Drag Race to show people, "whoever you are, you can do what makes you happy."

She told the BBC that coming from a strict background, participating in drag was "not really classed as normal."

Cherry stated of her hometown Darlington, County Durham, "I'm excited to bring the world's eye to Darlington because it's such a crazy town. We're all a bit odd!"

She was also excited to join the show because to her, drag was art.

Cherry loaned her costumes to Middlesbrough's Dorman Museum

Cherry loaned five of her costumes to Middlesbrough's Dorman Museum as part of the 2021 exhibition A Curious Night at the Museum.

Curator Zoe Wilson told BBC News, "Cherry was really excited to be involved in the project and having the costumes on display here,"

Wilson added of the exhibit, "It was a real juxtaposition - you have these old taxidermy birds in a Victorian setting and this huge drag queen display and it just worked.

Even the traditional older visitors were saying, 'Wow, look at that.'"

Cherry had a love of nursing

One of Cherry's friends and fellow drag queen, PlastiQ, spoke to BBC about Cherry's love of nursing.

PlastiQ said that even after Cherry became a famous drag queen, she still wanted to continue nursing.

Cherry told PlastiQ before she passed, "I want to be a nurse, being a nurse was my first love, I want to keep doing that - drag I'll keep doing when I can."

Memorable quotes from Cherry Valentine

“Roses are red and violets are blue. Here’s your winner of season two.” (entrance quote) “The one thing I do know about tennis is how much people grunt, and I’m a squealer.” “It is absolute pandemonium. People are trying to find a workspace, and I want a good workspace. I’ll trample a bitch.” “I feel robbed.” (after being eliminated) “Oh rats!” (exit quote)

George has a heart to heart

In the second series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, the main challenge was the queens having to perform in Rats: The Rusical.

As they got ready, George had a heart-to-heart with Sister Sister.

He explained to Sister Sister that he was the only gay person in his family or in his community that he could think of, while in the pieces speaking to the camera he admitted he still didn’t feel “fully proud” to say he was gay because of his conflict with his upbringing.

But he added: “I don’t want to forget about it because I love my heritage, I love my family more than anything, but there comes a point where you have to realize it’s your life and you shouldn’t live your life for other people.”

British stars pay tribute

Good Morning Britain star Charlotte, 47, paid a poignant tribute to her late friend Cherry Valentine on social media as she shared a photo of herself with the star.

She wrote: “Very sad to hear that Cherry Valentine has died, aged just 28. We met back in June at Epsom – so full of life then, it’s hard to believe.

“Sending love to George’s family & friends, just heartbreaking.”

BBC controller hails George and Cherry

Fiona Campbell, controller of BBC Three which broadcasts RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, hailed George and Cherry as an “inspiration” to so many.

She said: “We are all shocked and heartbroken to hear the news of the passing of George, known to many as Cherry Valentine.

“A fan favourite and an inspiration to so many, we were privileged to have worked with him at BBC Three.

“He will be hugely missed by his many fans and friends. Our deepest sympathies are with his family and friends at this difficult time.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK second series cast

In December 2020, George was announced as one of 12 contestants competing in the second series of the UK version of RuPaul’s Drag Race with drag icon, RuPaul, as host.

The full cast of the second series included:

Tayce Lawrence Chaney Cherry Valentine Tia Kofi Bimini Bon Boulash Ginny Lemon Veronica Green Sister Sister Joe Black Ellie Diamond Asttina Mandella A’Whora

According to ET Online.

‘Keep streaming, sharing, screaming!!’

After the release of her single ‘Aesthetic’ in April 2021, Cherry Valentine took to Instagram to give thanks for the support. She wrote in her caption:

“Less than 24hrs since the release of ‘Aesthetic’, and I am BLOWN AWAY by the support and love for it! It’s about knowing your power, self love, and owning who 👏 you 👏 ARE.

“This track was the start of a journey, and a huge turning point over the last year, so thank you so much for FEELING THE ENERGY! 🙏

“Keep streaming, sharing, screaming!! THANK YOU!! 🍒🩸😭🙏”

RuPaul’s condolences

RuPaul, the host and head judge of RuPaul’s Drag Race, shared his condolences in response to the passing of Cherry Valentine on Twitter.

He wrote: “So sad to hear. A bright star and a lovely person.

“@TheCValentine Always in our hearts.”

Cherry Valentine appeared on the second series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

BBC Three shares documentary amidst Cherry’s death

Cherry’s documentary “Cherry Valentine: Gypsy Queen and Proud” premiered on BBC Three earlier this year.

The film followed George’s life coming out while being a part of the Gypsy community.

After feeling rejected, he left his Gypsy identity behind and created his alter ego, “Cherry Valentine.”

The BBC Three tweeted in honor of George’s passing, praising him for wanting to be an inspiration for himself.

They added, “We are incredibly proud to have been able to make a powerful documentary with him about the traveler LGBTQ+ community, which he was so passionate about.”

Cherry amassed huge social media following

Cherry Valentine amassed a huge social media following after appearing on RuPaul’s Drage Race UK.

His Instagram account had over 162,000 followers.

He used the platform to show photos both of his outfits, makeup, and career moves.

Origin of Cherry Valentine’s name

In a Q&A session on Drag Race UK Twitter, Cherry answered a question from a fan who asked her how she came up with her drag name.

Cherry said she was inspired by a cherry-scented bath wash she used when showering, and because she loves her grandmother who likes drinking sherry (cause it sounds like cherry).

She decided to use ‘Valentine’ because she loves Valentine's Day and love.

What season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK did Cherry Valentine compete on?

Cherry Valentine competed in season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

She came in 12th place and was eliminated in episode 2 of the season.

Upon leaving the show she left the remaining contestants with the message “Always remember Love yourself first. Can’t wait to pop your cherries again! Hate. C”

Who was Cherry Valentine?

Cherry Valentine – whose birth name was George Ward – was born and raised in Darlington, County Durham.

Growing up, George was part of a traveler community and qualified as a mental health nurse in 2015, before starting a career in drag and becoming Cherry Valentine.

She is best known for starring on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

Cherry was also part of the BBC documentary Gypsy Queen And Proud.

Gay Times posts tribute

Gay Times, a magazine dedicated to LGBTQ+ content posted a tribute for Cherry.

The magazine tweeted, "We are incredibly sad to report the death of Cherry Valentine.

An incredible drag queen, beloved Ru girl, key worker and activist.

Rest in power, Cherry."

Season 2 cast loved having Cherry on the show

A clip of the season 2 cast of RuPaul's Drag Race resurfaced on social media talking about Cherry.

Contestant Asttina Mandella stated in the clip, "I have absolute so much love for her."

Joe Black added, "Oh, Cherry loves drag."

Veronica Green concluded the clip by stating, "She's such a calming energy like it's nice to have somebody like that in the cast."

One fan tweeted the video and stated, "Hearing Cherry Valentine's S2 sisters talk about her just affirms the pro and creative starlet she is."

BBC Three adds to the collection of favorite looks

BBC Three posted in honor of Cherry Valentine's best looks.

The official Twitter account posted a series of Cherry's famous outfits stating she, "sparkled with personality and flair."

Fans are remembering Cherry through her iconic looks

One fan tweeted, "I don’t know if this is a right thing to do but to honor Cherry Valentine’s beautiful artistry, tell me your favorite look from her."

Fans chimed in posting their favorite Cherry Valentine looks which included a photo from her Easter Series.

Another fan posted a look Cherry did at the end of her documentary when she was driving to London.

Cherry's Gay Times "Organic Galaxy" look was also among the favorites posted.

Throne Events thanks fans

In light of Cherry's passing, Throne Events posted on their Facebook how uplifting it has been to see tributes in honor of the drag star.

The post read that although saying goodbye to George was a difficult day, "it ended feeling uplifting, an inspirational show of love for an inspirational brother, son, friend, artist, creator, nurse, key worker and icon!"

The company also thanked everyone who had posted for Cherry and signed the book of condolences.

What is Throne Events?

Throne Events was an events company Cherry Valentine founded that planned shows in Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland.

Last month the company announced that in light of the cost of living crisis, they would be pledging reduced tickets.

The company also introduced discounts for those who bought in a group and absorbed all administration and booking fees so fans could enjoy a low-cost show.

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