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12:31, 20 Jun 2022Updated: 14:20, 20 Jun 2022

A WOMAN captured the moment hotel staff removed towels from sunloungers after cheeky tourists tried to reserve them.

Holidaymaker Amana Proctor was on holiday in Tenerife when she spotted the funny moment at her resort.

A woman caught the moment hotel staff removed towels from 'reserved' loungers


A woman caught the moment hotel staff removed towels from 'reserved' loungers

The video was captioned: "Hotel staff and security taking towels saved on beds."

It then showed staff members picking up the yellow towels and taking them from the pool loungers.

One man appeared to run over to ask them to leave his towel there while they were being removed.

Amanda later added that beds aren't allowed to be saved before 10am.

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More than 3.8million people have watched the video, with most people agreeing it was wrong to reserve sun loungers.

One person wrote: "Good. Totally agree with this."

Another agreed: "More hotels need to start doing this. It should be first come first serve."

Someone who claimed to have previously worked at the hotel wrote: "They take away towels that have been there longer than 1 hour without anybody actually laying there. Loved it."

Some said other hotels had different tactics to avoid this.

One TikTok user wrote: "I go to a hotel that reserves your beds for your entire stay against your room.

"No rush to get down they’re yours for your entire stay. Best idea EVER."

The practice of putting towels on sun loungers to reserve them is common with Brits and German tourists at holiday resorts.

Last week, Brit Julie Larsson captured tourists making a 6am mad dash for loungers while on holiday in Majorca.

In 2018, a man revealed he even broke his toe during the morning sunbed rush.

To solve the problem, tour operator Thomas Cook let holidaymakers reserve hotel loungers via an app.

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The common sun bed war was put on pause by the pandemic - but it looks like it will be coming back again this year.

Last year, a "sunbed hogger" sparked fury after brazenly dumping water bottles and towels to "reserve SIX loungers" at 7am at a resort.

The towels were being removed due to rules at the hotel


The towels were being removed due to rules at the hotel
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