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Demi's friends have been getting a little wild while on the trip. The model filmed as they hit the town looking for the best nightclub.

At one point, Demi's girlfriends hijacked the DJ booth and pretended to be spinning records. The owner of the club didn't seem to mind the gorgeous women hanging around. On the dance floor, one model ended up pulling up her skirt and letting another smack her backside.

Demi has been making the most of every day and filling it with fun adventures like swimming with Manta Rays.


While on the trip, Demi took time out to thank her 16 million followers for riding with her on the journey. She said, "Heaven is a state of mind ⛅️ 15 million of you. I am amazed. I never would have thought when I began Instagram and started modeling at 18 to have such an amazing fan base like I do now. I appreciate and love you all so much. Thank you for all your support.💕"

Demi's fan base continues to grow daily.


Demi, who is originally from the UK, is known for being an ex-girlfriend of rapper Tyga. She is consistently on vacation in locations around the globe.

Demi loves to share positive messages with her fans. On social media, she recently wrote, “With everything that I’ve gone through in life I accept everything happens all in divine timing and it’s all for a purpose to have shaped me into the person I am today. I love the person I am today. Sparkling heart."

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The model often talks to her fans about surrounding yourself with good people. She believes vibes are super important for a healthy life. She wrote on her social media, "I’m so thankful for genuine people with good hearts and intimate connections."

Demi told her fans, "I get by with a little help from my friends. Smiling face with 3 hearts Multiple musical notes." The model opened up earlier this year about giving up drinking. She raved about how the decision has changed her outlook on life.

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