Dignity in Movement: Borders, Bodies and Rights

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Table of contents

Introduction – Jasmin Lilian Diab

A Foucauldian Reading of the Global Compact for Migration: How ‘The Migrant’ is Represented and Rendered Governable – Anna Closas Casasampera

The Compliance of Argentina’s Migration Law with Fundamental Human Rights Discourse and Principles – Sabrina Andrea Avigliano

On The Margins of EU-Rope: Colonial Violence at The Bosnian-Croatian Frontier – Benedetta Zocchi

Recognition and Protection of Environmental Migrants in International Law: A Long-Lasting Swing Between Urgency and Postponement – Chiara Scissa

The Internal Displacement of People in South Sudan: Understanding Civil War and Forced Movement of People – Kensiya Kennedy and Keshav Basotia

Nineteenth Century Migration Trends and the Role of Women – Kendra Morancy

The Sense of Home and Belonging: Northern Sri Lankan Tamils in Colombo – Diotima Chattoraj

The Cruelty of Kafala – Lorcán Owens

English With a Non-Native Accent as a Basis for Stigma and Discrimination in the United States – Meltem Yilmaz Sener

Unaccompanied Children on The Move: From Central America to the United States Via Mexico – Monica Trigos Padilla

Migration Management and Safe Migration Along the Indonesia-Malaysia Corridor – Oanh K. Nguyen

Governing Movement in Displacement: The Case of North Jordan – Hannah Owens

When Social Reproduction Becomes Political: How London’s Latin American Women Make Their Families, Communities and Rights Visible – Domiziana Turcatti

Between Oppressions and Resistance: A Decolonial Feminist Analysis of Narratives from Nicaraguan Caregiving Grandmothers and Women Returnees From El Salvador – Fiore Bran Aragón

Women For Profit: Seeking Asylum in the United States – A Neocolonial Story – Sara Riva

Rejected Asylum Claims and Children in International Human Rights Law: Changing the Narrative – Anne-Cecile Leyvraz

Gendered Border Practices and Violence at the United States-Mexico Border – Mitxy Menesus Guitierrez

European Union Readmission Agreements: Deportation as a Gateway to Displacement? – Manuela Da Rosa Jorge

On Collaboration and Cooperation: Transnational Governance as a Framework for Migration Control – Alma Stankovic

Solidarity and Neoliberalism in The Implementation of Mexico’s Refugee, Complementary Protection and Political Asylum Law (2014–2019) – Guadalupe Chavez and Alexander Voisine

Aiding and Abetting: Assessing the Responsibility of European Union Officials for Crimes Against Humanity Committed Against Migrants in Libya – Pat Rubio Bertran

At the European Union-Turkey Border, Human Rights Violations Are No Longer Clandestine Operations – Meredith Veit and Flo Strass

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