Drone Took Just 6 Minutes to Deliver Lungs for Transplant from Hospital to Hospital as a First for Health Network

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Urian B., Tech Times 13 October 2021, 12:10 pm

Drone Took Just 6 Minutes to Deliver Lungs for Transplant from Hospital to Hospital as a First for Health Network (Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Drone Took Just 6 Minutes to Deliver Lungs for Transplant from Hospital to Hospital as a First for Health Network

Not just any drone but an unmanned drone was used to deliver lungs needed for transplant from one hospital to another! This drone trip took only six minutes and came from one hospital to another to deliver the lungs needed for a transplant procedure.

Unmanned Drone Successfully Completes Lungs Transportation

According to the story by CBC, the University Health Network and Unither Bioelectronique note that they have been able to complete the world's first-ever transplant of lungs that were delivered by an unmanned drone. The delivery took only six minutes for the unmanned drone to fly from one hospital to another.

The particular Toronto healthcare group and Bromont, Quebec, the bioengineering company, noted that the drone actually carried the lungs and traveled on Sept. 25. The lungs were transported from Toronto Western Hospital towards the Toronto General Hospital, where the lung transplant procedure took place.

Six Minute Drone Journey

The complete journey reportedly just lasted six minutes, as also reported by CTVNews, and was then completed at around 1:00 A.M. local time. The official UHN surgeon-in-chief known as Dr. Shaf Keshavjee gave a statement regarding the recent milestone regarding unmanned drones and the transportation of vital medical needs.

Dr. Shaf Keshavjee noted that the recipient, Alain Hodak, age 63, reportedly works as an engineer and has an interest in drones. Alan Hodak, the recipient, received the lung, and his transplant reportedly went well.

Why the Toronto General Hospital?

Unither Bioelectronique clarified why it decided to choose the Toronto General Hospital. It was noted that they had chosen the Toronto General Hospital to be a part of the historic moment due to its historical accomplishments.

The Toronto General Hospital was reportedly the hospital to be able to complete the first-ever lung transplant back in 1983. The Toronto General Hospital was reportedly the hospital that completed the first double lung transplant in 1986.

Lung Delivery and Drone Tech Companies

The lung delivery currently comes as certain tech companies are racing towards courier organs by drone after a number of U.S. firms have been able to make successful flights. The previous flights were made with kidneys, corneas, and a pancreas. The drone delivery is reportedly the first lung transportation that was used for a transplant.

Aside from the medical field, there has also been a lot of progress when it comes to drones stretching to the military field. Chinese military researchers could have come up with a way to make landing a hypersonic drone possible.

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Advancement of Drone Technology

This is extremely difficult to land an unmanned aircraft due to it flying over five times the speed of sound. Landing a hypersonic drone is a technology that has reportedly progressed quite considerably.

Drones have been used for other purposes in China. 1,500 drones were used to create QR codes for certain players that want to download the "Princess Connect Re: Drive" game. The game is a Japanese role-playing game that reportedly debuted back in February 15, 2018.

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