eArrival Card to Replace Philippines' One Health Pass; Here's What Makes This New System Better

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The eArrival Card system will soon replace the Philippines' One Health Pass, as confirmed by the Department of Health. 

eArrival Card to Replace Philippines' One Health Pass; Here's What Makes This New System Better

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This photo taken on July 17, 2018 shows two Philippine Airlines planes taxiing past each other at Manila International Airport. (Photo by TED ALJIBE / AFP)

The health organization announced that it would make efforts to transition to the eArrival Card so that airline passengers will have easier and quicker processing once they arrive in the country. 

The Philippines relied on the One Health Pass to make international travel more seamless during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This system helped passengers from their country of origin to their destinations in the country. But DOH wants to have a better processing tech. 

eArrival Card to Replace Philippines' One Health Pass

According to Rappler's official report, DOH said that the Asian country would start requiring travelers to use the new eArrival Card as early as Nov. 1. 

eArrival Card to Replace Philippines' One Health Pass; Here's What Makes This New System Better

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A Philippine Airlines (PAL) Airbus 330 takes off from Manila for Davao City in the south 07 October resuming its flight operations two weeks after it closed under more than two billion USD worth of debt. The debt-ridden flag carrier is resuming domestic operations but plans.

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"The Department of Tourism on Friday welcomed the national government's introduction of the eARRIVAL CARD as a means to provide a more convenient," said DOT via its official press release

DOT Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco said that the transition to eArrival Card is a part of the Philippine government's efforts to ease strict entry protocols. 

She added that this could attract more travelers, allowing the country to boost its tourism industry.  

Is eArrival Card Really Better? 

The Department of Tourism said that the eArrival Card is better than the One Health App system. DOT added that it could remove unnecessary information fields. 

Thanks to this, travelers can enjoy their journey even more since they will have faster and easier completion of registration processes. 

The tourism department further explained that the eArrival Card could reduce tourism-related items from 20 to 10 fields only. 

Among the items that will be removed are traveler occupation and educational attainment. If you want to learn more about the new eArrival Card system of the Philippines, you can visit this link

Recently, a Chinese university revealed that around two million people in Hong Kong suffered from long COVID-19 infections. 

Meanwhile, the new StarHub mobile health service has been launched.

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