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Updated: 11:05 ET, Nov 11 2022

COMEDIAN Leo Anthony Gallagher, widely known as Gallagher, has died, according to his manager.

Gallagher died early on Friday morning in the Palm Springs region while receiving hospice care, TMZ was the first to report.

He suffered severe organ failure and died, TMZ found, and had been ill for some time and had had several heart attacks over the years.

Gallager was well-known for his observational and prop comedy catchphrases, as well as for smashing watermelons as part of his act.

He has 13 one-hour comedy specials for Showtime and several well-liked HBO specials.

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Comedian's origins

As road manager for comic Jim Stafford in the 1960s, Gallagher began his career in comedy.

Finally making the decision to perform himself, he made his big break in 1975 by making an appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

Gallagher, known for his "Sledge-O Matic" act, was regarded as one of the most well-liked American comedians of the 1980s.

Gallagher performed the act by smashing a variety of meals and objects with a heavy mallet, always ending with a watermelon.

Cause of death revealed

The comedian had suffered numerous heart attacks over the years and had been ill for a while before passing away from massive organ failure, TMZ revealed.

Comedian Gallagher has died

Gallagher, a prop comedian best known for smashing watermelons as part of his act, passed away at the age of 76 from organ failure.

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr., who went by the stage name Gallagher, passed away on Friday morning in Palm Springs, California, according to his manager, who spoke to TMZ.

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