Game Changing 'Dime-Sized' Hearing Aid Helps Millions of Americans but Costs $12,000 a Pair

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Urian B., Tech Times 23 September 2021, 01:09 am

Game Changing 'Dime-Sized' Hearing Aid Helps Millions of Americans but Costs $12,000 a Pair (Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Game Changing 'Dime-Sized' Hearing Aid Helps Millions of Americans but Costs $12,000 a Pair

A game-changing "dime-sized" hearing aid is reportedly helping millions of Americans but costs $12,000 a pair! This new technology takes a different approach compared to the traditional hearing aid through gentle vibration.

Hearing Aids

According to the story by NBC Washington, traditional hearing aids actually make sounds a bit louder through the use of tiny speakers within the device. New technology, however, uses a small lens in order to gently vibrate the eardrum in order to make sounds clearer as well as more natural.

The device can be installed without surgery, and its settings can reportedly be adjusted through a simple iPhone. Cindy Griswold noted that she had lost about 90% of her right ear hearing in 2008 and tried traditional hearing aids ever since then.

Earlens Device

She noted that over time, she felt like she needed more. She said that she was still missing out when it came to conversations when there was actually a lot of background noise. She then learned about the Earlens device and tried it. Other technological devices like the AI MRI screening tool can be used for dementia adaptation, as seen in a hospital in Singapore.

She stated that she was floored about how much she was able to hear. She was able to hear the radiator ticking and everything else. Ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Seth Oringher with Feldman ENT Division in Chevy Chase, Maryland, now calls the device a "game changer" for those having problems hearing.

FDA-Approved Non-Surgical Lens

It was noted that this is a condition that affects up to 40 million Americans. He noted that Earlens offers the first FDA approved non-surgical lens in the world that directly vibrates the eardrum without the use of a speaker. Neuroengineering is also being used to help treat addiction and other brain fogs.

He noted that users get a richer, clearer, and even more natural sound, which is what has been a game-changer. The process reportedly takes two visits to the doctor's office. The first thing needed to be done is to make a mold of the patient's ear which includes the eardrum. This is then sent to the company in order for the devices to be custom-built for the patient.

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How It is Installed

After two weeks, a small lens is placed into the patient's eardrum, and it gets custom programmed by an audiologist. Oringher then noted that even with the use of a small lens, patients can still bathe, swim, and shower. The lens reportedly stays in potentially for years without even having to be removed!

Due to the device's Bluetooth, she can reportedly listen to podcasts and audiobooks directly from her hearing aid. She notes that the device has been with her ever since July and that she is grateful for the device.

The Earlens, however, is more expensive compared to traditional hearing aids but still less expensive compared to surgically implanted hearing aid devices. It reportedly costs $12,000 to get a pair. Users can still use health insurance to help cover some of the costs.

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