Google Chromebook Brings Accessibility Feature to People with Dyslexia with ‘Select-to-Speak’

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Google Chromebook brings an accessibility feature for people with Dyslexia, and it is the latest "Select-to-Speak" option that would speak out everything that is found on the webpage. It would also help those with poor eyesight and those who have a hard time reading texts, those who would rather listen to a computer, with "more human voices."

Chromebook has been a popular lineup from different companies that have partnered with Google, and it brings the computer that has a massive performance and new feature with the Chrome OS. The new UI and OS that Chromebooks are pushing forward is only one of the reasons what makes the device a must for people. 

Chromebook Accessibility Feature: Select-to-Speak

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Chromebooks are adding a new accessibility feature that would add to "Select-to-Speak" assistance, especially with new voices to enumerate for a person having a hard time in reading, especially those with Dyslexia and other disabilities.

Google's Chromebook OS is bringing a new update for people, and this was announced by the internet company earlier today, bringing new features for people that need it. It is called "Select-to-Speak", and this is an accessibility feature of the Chrome OS that would help people highlight a specific part of the page or app, which would then read it out. 

Chromebook's new accessibility feature would let a person hear what is said on the screen, and it would help them understand it better, instead of having it jumbled or mixed up. Moreover, Select-to-Speak is also adding several better-sounding human voices with this update, so that it would feel more natural to the person that needs it. 

This means that the update would also add more voices, as well as better integration to the present feature that Google has debuted before.

The update would bring better features for it, as well as catering more to the hardships of a person that has a hard time in reading or understanding the arrangements of these texts. 

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Google Addresses Disabilities to Assist and Highlights Features

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The Select-to-Speak is only one of the features to assist with disabilities and highlight the need for these types of programs to help people and be of service. The focus of Google for this specific venture is for those that have a hard time reading, so it falls to those who have dyslexia, poor eyesight, are partially blind, have eye problems, and more.

Google Chromebook Features

There are several features more on the operating system, and it includes features like the "color-blind mode," blue light filter, and more. 

The move of Google is to assist those with disabilities and provide an experience for them with its Chromebooks. 

Moreover, other features are also coming to address more of others' disabilities or hindrances. 

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