Google Cloud, Mayo Clinic Collaborate to Bring Generative AI to Healthcare

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Google Cloud on Wednesday announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to transform traditional healthcare by using generative artificial intelligence (AI).

The partnership will start with Google Cloud's Enterprise Search in Generative AI App Builder (Gen App Builder) to enhance clinical workflows, making it easier for clinicians and researchers to find the needed information while helping improve patient outcomes.

According to Google Cloud, Enterprise search in Gen App Builder unifies data across dispersed documents, databases, and intranets, making it easier to search, analyze and identify the most relevant results. The company said the app builder is ready to support HIPAA compliance, adding a layer of privacy to the upcoming service. 

Google Cloud, Mayo Clinic

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Google Cloud, Mayo Clinic Collaborate for AI Healthcare Service

According to CNBC, this new tool lets clients or organizations create their own chatbots using Google's technology to quickly sift through the piles of various internal data, even if they are stored in many different formats and locations.

With the Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic's collaboration, healthcare workers can interpret data like a patient's medical history, imaging records, labs, or genomics more quickly and with a simple query.

Mayo Clinic's chief technology officer Vish Anantraman told CNBC that this would "save a lot of time," "prevent physician burnout," and reduce administrative overload.

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Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic Partnering For Generative AI 

In a statement, Google Cloud said most approaches to combining generative AI and search technology, at present, have been inadequate for the scale and reliability needed for enterprise use. 

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said that "generative AI has the potential to transform healthcare by enhancing human interactions and automating operations like never before."

He added: "Mayo Clinic is a world leader in leveraging AI for good, and they are a critical partner as we identify responsible ways to bring this transformative technology to healthcare."   

Google and Its Focus on AI

Google is currently focusing on AI, and the company is making it available to clients who could use the firm's search technologies. One of Google's most iconic additions is its AI capabilities which first started with the Bard chatbot, now seeing to improve capabilities in the market. 

Google has reinforced AI in most of its offered services, and the recent I/O 2023 has showcased the latest innovations across Google's ecosystem, which includes impressive AI advancements. Google recently introduced a new "Generative AI" for its Search features, helping users get better results on what they search on the internet.

With Google's generative AI tools, like Gen App Builder, being at the forefront, the company can help the healthcare industry "optimize workforce productivity, streamline administrative processes, and leverage technology to automate repetitive tasks, allowing caregivers to focus on higher-value patient interactions."

Cris Ross, Mayo Clinic's Chief Information Officer, noted that Google Cloud's tool could help them "unlock sources of information that typically are not searchable in a conventional manner or are difficult to access or interpret," and accessing these insights "more quickly and easily could drive more cures, create more connections with patients, and transform healthcare."

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