In pictures: Solar eclipse as seen from the UK

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Some parts of the world have seen the annular eclipse or so-called ring of fire in full, but from the UK there has been a partial solar eclipse.

image copyrightHeather Mullan

image caption"I’m a total amateur but have always had an interest in all things astronomical", says Heather Mullan at Daviot in Aberdeenshire. "The filter was simply taken out of some cardboard eclipse viewing glasses and taped to the lens!"

image copyrightRyan Toomey

image captionRyan Toomey caught the eclipse from Greenock complete with a "bird photobomb". He said: "I had to use three pairs of sunglasses, stacked on top of each other, to view it with some level of protection".

image copyrightMatt Tildesley

image captionMatt Tildesley captured this eclipse image at Embo beach in the Highlands.

image copyrightMax and Phoebe Coleman

image captionMax and Phoebe Coleman took a series of images in Ibstone, High Wycombe, using sunglasses as a filter for the camera.

image copyrightRob Ward

image captionRoslin in Midlothian was the location for Rob Ward's shot.

image copyrightChris Brown

image captionAmateur astronomer Chris Brown sent in his telescopic effort from Sumburgh Head in Shetland.

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