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November 11, 2022 at 11:48am AM EST

Kate Middleton has always been a style icon when it comes to the royal family. Her fashion status didn’t seem to bother Queen Elizabeth II one bit when she was on the throne, but there may be another family member who is a bit irritated by it: King Charles III.

It seems that Charles doesn’t enjoy his daughter-in-law stealing the spotlight from him, so the U.K.’s Express is reporting that “Kensington Palace officials have begun refusing to give details on Kate’s outfits.” There is supposedly “frustration” around the fact that the Princess of Wales gets an incredible amount of media coverage based on her stylish ensembles. This is a big shift at the palace because the communications office always confirmed her “outfit details for every official engagement” unless it was a casual appearance. 

The lack of information won’t stop fashion aficionados from playing detective and discovering the brands Kate is wearing, but it has to be a disappointment for the designers. They have benefitted from that royal seal of approval when their creations would be noted by the palace and would often sell out the moment Kate stepped in public. 

Charles probably wants to keep the focus on his strategy to modernize the monarchy as he enters into his first year as King. However, royal fans have seen this behavior before — Charles doesn’t like it when someone else is the star in the family. He prefers that the spotlight revolves around him, which was a point of major contention in his marriage to Princess Diana — and now, it feels like he’s giving Kate that same treatment. Yet this time around, social media reigns supreme and Kate’s star style won’t be dimmed by orders from the palace.

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