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We'll stick to tropical destinations, please and thank you.

Many people love watching aspirational cruise ship videos and seeing luxury ships tour through warm tropical destinations. Even cruises to colder climes, like Alaska, Norway, and even up near the Arctic Circle, have been growing in popularity. When it comes to taking a trip down to Antarctica, though, we think we'll pass!

TikTok user @simplyantarctica doesn't travel down to Antarctica on pleasure cruises- she's a marine scientist. Still, the video she takes from the bunk of her ship in the middle of a storm has made us grateful for warmer waters.

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BRRRR! That looks like one frosty storm we wouldn't want to find ourselves stuck in! Intense weather conditions like these are just par for the course in Antarctica, and temperatures in a freezing storm like that are well below zero. Even with her relative safety from inside her bunk, we have to admire @simplyantarctica's courage- we wouldn't want to be in her shoes!

"Scary weather. We stay through hurricanes. But that’s a joke compared to Antarctica. 😳," responded @dwightsmith477. Antarctic storms really are something else. Still, even with the extreme weather conditions, those who have spent time in Antarctica love the place nonetheless. "I did 3 tours in Antarctica with Naval Support Force Antarctica... Love it," reminisced @whyme554.

"It's good you are on your way to summer. My dad spent 4 seasons in Antarctica with VXE-6. He loved it," shared @pepereofmany. Yeesh, if that's what their summers look like, we don't want to see their winters!

For those who prefer the relative warmth and safety of non-antarctic conditions, though, the response was pretty much unified: "Yikes. Nope. H*ll no. Have fun!" said @ls_beachgal empathically- she can say that again! We'll settle for winter snow, thank you very much.

Still, we have to applaud the amazing researchers and scientists who live and work in Antarctica. They tough in out in crazy conditions like these to do very important work. Not everyone can shake off a sub-zero snowstorm like that! Safe travels to @simplyantarctica and all her fellow scientists and workers braving tough blizzards right now.

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