Premier League: How to follow your team on the BBC

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Excited to have the Premier League back after the international break?

We've got just the thing to help you get back up to speed after two weeks away.

We've been busy improving the pages for all 20 Premier League clubs, turning them into one-stop shops containing everything you need to know about your team.

Whoever you support - from Arsenal to Wolves and everyone in between - we've got you covered with our new live, rolling feed of content.

Here's what you can expect:

You'll get the top lines from every club's pre-match manager news conference throughout every week of the season. Find out what your team's boss has said in the past 48 hours.You can now pick your starting XI for every single Premier League fixture throughout the season and share it on social media. What's not to like about that? Go here to select your club and then select your team for this week's games.Being able to play manager each week forms just one small part of the fresh interactive offering we've rolled out for all 20 clubs this season. We'll even be regularly asking you how you're feeling about your team's campaign so far - go here to find out a bit more about that.And, finally, whether it's head-to-head stats, reports from previous meetings or the latest injury news you're after - if something's worth knowing about it'll be on your club's page.

All the good stuff delivered directly to you

So how do you make sure you never miss any of this great content ever again? Simple!

You can find the full list of Premier League club pages below - and then it's just a case of either bookmarking your team's page if you're viewing it on a desktop computer or tapping "follow" if you're using the BBC Sport app.

And, if you are on the app, you can even receive notifications bringing you all the latest news specifically about your team. No extra stuff, just the news you want about the team you support.

You can find out more about that here.

All that's left to do now is to select your Premier League club below and tuck in...

Arsenal | Aston Villa | Brentford | Brighton & Hove Albion | Burnley | Chelsea | Crystal Palace | Everton | Leeds United | Leicester City | Liverpool | Manchester City | Manchester United | Newcastle United | Norwich City | Southampton | Tottenham Hotspur | Watford | West Ham United | Wolverhampton Wanderers

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Our coverage of your Premier League club is bigger and better than ever before - follow your team and sign up for notifications in the BBC Sport app to make sure you never miss a moment

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