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Prince Harry's book, titled Spare, was published worldwide on January 10 as the Duke of Sussex promoted its launch through a series of high-profile interviews.

18:11, Mon, Jan 30, 2023 | UPDATED: 18:12, Mon, Jan 30, 2023

Prince Harry: Experts discuss the possibility of future books

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Prince Harry "seems to want revenge", a royal commentator said after reading the Duke of Sussex's memoir. Explaining he thought releasing the 416-page memoir titled Spare was "a bad idea", royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said upon appearing on RNZ's podcast Nights with Karyn Hay: "So you wonder, launching a memoir was always, I thought, a bad idea. Even the Duke of Windsor, 15 years after the abdication, he published the King's Story, but this was a completely different era and the book, although it caused some controversy, was nothing like this... these are direct, fierce, vengeful attacks on the Royal Family.

"He seems to want revenge. Also, the word 'spare', overshadowed by his brother, the heir and the spare, was always bitter, but I don't think anyone thought the book could be quite as vengeful and angry as it is." Mr Fitzwilliams also wondered what the "long-term goal" of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is after they have launched a series of criticism and claims against the Royal Family between December and early January. This comes as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex published a 24-page report of their Archewell Foundation. Launched in late 2020, the Foundation is the non-profit arm of Meghan and Harry, via which they carry out charitable work as well as support and promote initiatives focused on veterans, mental health and communities. Among the work done by Archewell between 2020 and 2022, the report highlighted the 12.66 million COVID-19 vaccines produced in partnership with Global Citizen for people around the world and the 50,000 meals served to those in need via the collaboration with the World Central Kitchen.

Prince Harry and Meghan smiling

Prince Harry's book was released on January 10 (Image: GETTY)

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POLL: Should Prince Harry lose his place in the line of succession?

Prince Harry was born third in line to the throne but is currently in fifth position behind older brother Prince William and the Prince and Princess of Wales' children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The Duke of Sussex's bombshell tell-all memoir, Spare, went on sale earlier this month and made a number of stunning claims against the Royal Family.

Do you think he should lose his place in the line of succession? Vote in our poll.

2 hours ago16:08 Paul Withers

Prince Harry 'wants to win' in coronation negotiations following Spare success

The Duke of Sussex "can't negotiate" when it comes to the coronation of his father King Charles III, according to royal biographer Angela Levin.

She told Talk TV's Julia Hartley-Brewer: "[Negotiating] to give him good seats right at the front, I think that's terrible. He doesn't deserve it.

"The important thing is that Harry can't negotiate, he doesn't want to give. He's not somebody who will say: 'Look, I'm sorry, let's work together on this."

But Ms Levin said following the commercial success of Meghan and his Netflix docuseries and his memoir Spare, Harry will likely feel "more confident" in negotiations with his family

She continued: "He now feels more confident that he's got the knack for actually dealing with the Royal Family and he wants to win. I think he won't say yes or no right up to the last minute."

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Prince Andrew spotted horse riding in Windsor

Prince Andrew stepped out of his Windsor residence this morning for a horse riding session.

The Duke of York protected himself from the morning chill by wearing a blue down jacket above a dark high-neck jumper, black trousers and gloves. He also donned a helmet.

The Queen's second son is known to enjoy horse riding.

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5 hours ago12:48 Alice Scarsi

Prince Harry branded Meghan's 'third child' as experts poke fun at Duke's antics

In his tell-all memoir, Prince Harry wrote candidly about his life both inside and outside of the Royal Family.

The Duke of Sussex went into unprecedented detail, revealing personal thoughts, feelings and experiences.

At one point, Harry recounted his wife Meghan Markle going into labour with their firstborn child, Archie.

He admitted to taking several “penetrating hits” of laughing gas, a confession that has provoked backlash from some commentators.

Andrea Caamano and Emmy Griffiths, hosts of HELLO! Magazine’s A Right Royal Podcast, discussed Harry’s book earlier this month.

Ms Caamano referenced a conversation she had had with a friend, who argued: “The only thing I can take away from this is that Megan has three children”, a sentiment the royal journalist did “not disagree” with.

She explained: “Him taking all the laughing gas, for me, that's a red line. That's just not funny.”

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7 hours ago11:02 Alice Scarsi

King tipped to bury hatchet with Sussexes as he doesn’t want feud to ‘upstage’ coronation

King Charles III could try to temporarily freeze the ongoing feud between the Royal Family, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to avoid being upstaged.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti forecast His Majesty will try to secure some form of "reconciliation" with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before the ceremony.

The couple's presence at the Coronation has been thrown into question after they levelled a series of accusations against the institution in their Netflix documentary, and later in the Duke's memoir, Spare.

Mr Sacerdoti told Us Weekly: "I suspect that there are some efforts going on to try and make some form of reconciliation.

"I think because they don’t want family tensions to upstage what’s going on on that very important day.

"Whether or not that’s possible is one thing, and whether or not it's lasting is another thing. Even if they do manage to make some form of peace, [it] might be temporary."

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King Charles wearing a blue suit

King Charles's Coronation is taking place in May (Image: GETTY)

8 hours ago10:07 Alice Scarsi

Lady Susan Hussey beams alongside King Charles as she attends Sandringham church service

Lady Susan Hussey has been spotted smiling as she attended a church service at Sandringham on Sunday.

The 83-year-old was seen heading to the same service as King Charles and the Princess Royal at St Mary Magdalene Church on the family's Norfolk estate.

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Lady Susan Hussey walking to church

Lady Susan Hussey was seen in public on Sunday (Image: PA)

9 hours ago09:28 Alice Scarsi

Harry and Meghan didn't expect 'negative feedback' after 'enjoying sympathy' from public

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been "enjoying" sympathy from the US public after cutting ties with the Royal Family two years ago, royal expert Victoria Arbiter has claimed.

But the royal couple "did not expect" the negative criticism of Harry's bombshell memoir.

Ms Arbiter told TalkTV: "It's very difficult to speak for Harry and Meghan in terms of what their overall objective was with the Netflix docuseries, with the book.

"I think Harry with his book in particular was very keen to get his side of the story across so mission accomplished in that regard.

"He doesn't hold anything back as anyone who has read the book knows, he's very willing to share every facet of his life.

"In that regard, I think yes, he has achieved his objective but I don't think the book was received quite how he was hoping.

"There are people that remain hugely sympathetic to him but there's been a lot of criticism so, the broader public is talking about him in a way that I think he perhaps didn't anticipate."

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Prince Harry smiling while Meghan looks towards a direction he is pointing at

Prince Harry and Meghan live in California (Image: GETTY)

10 hours ago08:29 Alice Scarsi

Harry and Meghan see staff shake-up at Archwell as two ‘integral’ employees leave

Two key employees at Meghan and Harry's Archewell will be leaving when their contracts come to an end.

Ben Browning, the current head of content at Archwell, will be leaving the company later this year.

Mr Browning is an Oscar-nominated producer for the movie ‘Promising Young Woman’ and oversaw the making of the documentary ‘Harry and Meghan’ for Netflix.

Fara Taylor, the head of Archewell’s marketing department, will also leave her position this year and the marketing area of the company will be streamlined.

Ms Taylor worked on the marketing campaigns for the podcast ‘Archtypes’ as well as the documentary ‘Harry and Meghan’.

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