Samsung Galaxy Upcycling Program Now in India-- Your Old Smartphone Can Now Diagnose Eye Diseases

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Believe it or not, your old Samsung smartphones can go to places you do not expect to see. These are not public mobile markets, but this time, you can convert them into useful diagnosis cameras to screen eye problems.

The South Korean electronics giant announced that it will now launch its Galaxy Upcycling program in India to alleviate the eye problems of the people in the country. This is done by transforming phones into diagnosis cameras for medical purposes.

Samsung Galaxy Upcycling Program Comes in India

Samsung Galaxy Upcycling Program Now in India-- Your Old Smartphone Can Now Diagnose Eye Diseases

(Photo : Samsung)

According to a report by Tech Radar, Samsung has been conducting an Upcycling program in Vietnam. Besides India, the company will also launch the eye-care project in Papua New Guinea and Morocco.

Samsung Newsroom noted that the company aims to address an approximate number of 1 billion cases of eye problems that are occurring worldwide. It is also mentioned in the statement that through the program, visual impairments can now be preventable.

To make this program feasible, Samsung collaborated with the Yonsei University Health System and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

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From Ordinary Samsung Smartphone to Retinal Camera

Samsung Galaxy Upcycling Program Now in India-- Your Old Smartphone Can Now Diagnose Eye Diseases

(Photo : Samsung )

The  Galaxy Upcycling program has exposed that our old smartphones could serve a different purpose instead of ending up in the market.

In creating a camera used for the diagnosis of visual problems, your phone will become the brain of the "EYELIKE" camera. After that, it will now be connected to the lens to improve the capability of the device.

Meanwhile, your mobile phone will serve as a camera to take photos during the diagnosis.

Samsung said that its device makes use of an AI algorithm that could conduct tests and analyses for the captured images of the specific eye disease.

Later, the phone will be connected to the app which takes the data of the patient to recommend a prescribed course of medical treatment.

Through the cheap cost of sacrificing your worn-out smartphones, you can now be able to undergo screening tests that could detect problems like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and other related conditions which could result in partial or total blindness of a person.

According to Samsung Electronics' VP of Sustainability Management Office and Mobile Communications Business, Sung-Koo Kim, the Upcycling program signifies the company's vision to help people in their daily lives through the intervention of technology.

Besides smartphones, Samsung also plans to explore new ways of screening. For instance, the firm wants to target producing portable colposcopes for cervical cancer diagnosis, as well as contributing to the overall improvement of women's health.

Last month, Samsung also noted that the Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds have helped people who are struggling in hearing. The company added that the device will serve as a hearing aid.

Besides, it will also become the personal sound amplification product which will be assigned in three separate clinical tests such as clinical performance evaluation, sound amplification evaluation, and electroacoustic assessment.

After testing with various frequencies to evaluate sound amplification, the results concluded that all of the devices yield the desired degree of amplification.

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