Singapore Recalls Philippine-made 'Lemon Square Cheese Cake' Due to Excessive Levels of Sorbic Acid

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The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) ordered a recall for a certain kind of packed cake as it was discovered to have a higher quantity of sorbic acid than is authorized.

The order was issued on Friday, Nov. 25, as reported by Channel News Asia (CNA).

Food Recall

The Lemon Square Cheese Cake (Original) brand that is being recalled is sold in a package of ten and is brought in from the Philippines. Batch number 09 is indicated with an expiration date of Mar. 27, 2023.

As a safety measure, the organization has given the importer, Orient Pearl Goods, and Services, instructions to recall these goods.

According to the SFA, individuals who have consumed the implicated product and are worried about their health must not consume it again.

They may direct any questions or concerns to the location from where they made their purchase.

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Sorbic Acid as Food Preservative

The use of sorbic acid as a food additive for preservation purposes is acceptable, SFA confirmed.

"Sorbic acid is a permitted food additive used for preservation purposes. Consumption of the affected product is unlikely to pose any adverse health effect due to its low toxicity," said SFA's Facebook post.

Based on an article on Healthline, it prevents the formation of mold in food, which enables it to be transported and stored for a longer amount of time without going bad. It is often used in the production of baked goods, wine, cheese, fresh produce, and refrigerated meat and shellfish.

"For example, when sorbic acid is sprayed on the exterior of a country ham, there won't be any mold growth for 30 days. This allows for food to be shipped and stored all over the globe," as stated in the article.

Any Side Effects?

Given that it has not been related to cancer or other severe health issues, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that sorbic acid is safe for frequent usage, Healthline explained.

It was emphasized that consumption of the impacted product is unlikely to have any health risk owing to its low toxicity.

The website also noted that some individuals might have an allergic response to it. Nevertheless, these reactions are often moderate and consist of light skin irritation.

Even though allergic contact dermatitis is rare, over-the-counter corticosteroid creams containing sorbic acid are often to blame. Sorbic acid may irritate people with eczema; therefore, they should avoid using it in cosmetics. Although, it is not essential to avoid eating foods that contain it.

What You Can Do

If you have a severe reaction to sorbic acid on your skin, Healthline suggests washing the infected area and using an anti-itch lotion.

Drinking eight ounces of water might alleviate symptoms if it is causing internal distress.

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