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L'Assemblée fédérale — Le Parlement Suisse discusses challenges facing local companies with flat knitting machine manufacturer.

28th November 2022

Knitting Industry
 |  Vionnaz, Switzerland

Knitwear, Technical Textiles

Leading Swiss flat knitting machine builder Steiger Textil was pleased to welcome a delegation of government officials (L'Assemblée fédérale — Le Parlement Suisse) this week. The aim of the visit to the company’s headquarters in Vionnaz, was to discuss the challenges currently facing local companies.

“Thank you to our elected representatives for taking the time to understand the challenges faced by Swiss export companies,” said Steiger CEO, Pierre-Yves Bonvin.

“Through this visit organized by Swissmem, we hope that the issues of our industry will be recognized and defended in parliament. This proximity is the strength of the Swiss political system. Thanks to Jacqueline de Quattro, Céline Weber Koppenburg, Benjamin Roduit, Céline Weber Koppenburg, François Pointet, and Christian Wasserfallen.”

Steiger, founded in 1949, which is now part of the Cixing Group – the world’s largest manufacturer of flat knitting machines – celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019 and is still manufacturing at its plant in Vionnaz, Switzerland, as well as in China.

The company produces industrial flat knitting machines for three market segments - the fashion industry, the medical sector and technical knitting. At its factory in Vionnaz, Switzerland it produces machinery for the European market for the production of high-quality knitwear.

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