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JuLY 2022

Dear Reader,

July will be such an encouraging sweet month. You will see that you can get lots done because the little planets will be singing in harmony as they make their way around the heavens. As you go through July, the month gets better and better. There is a light, breezy quality about July, and I hope you can find ways to use it to your full advantage after reading my forecast.

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Your July Horoscope for Taurus

You are coming into your own, dear Taurus. You’ve been working hard and doing your best, but the eclipses have kept pulling and poking at you, asking you to adjust to new conditions.

As a Taurus you are hardwired to celebrate stability, so the very thought of change usually requires careful thought and planning. Last year you had an eclipse on November 19 highlighting Taurus at 27 degrees, which affected you if you were born within five days of May 18. Another two eclipses came this year, April 30, and May 15, affecting Taurus born within five days of those dates. Now as you enter July, you have a cheerful, calm month when you can let go and think about all the changes you may have instituted so far.

You might be getting ready for more future shifts as two more eclipses are due that will affect you this year (October 25 and November 8), a d two more are coming next year (May 5 and October 28) before you are done. Like the tides, the eclipses will carry you on to a better place, one that will more accurately reflect your needs, desires, and lifestyle that you’ve evolved into now.

I love the new moon that just occurred in Cancer at 7 degrees on June 28—it will be so sweet and helpful to you. This new moon will be influential as you start July, and for weeks ahead it will coax you to find a scenic spot to visit for a few days, to forget your daily cares. Make it a family affair—bring your children and invite your parents. Consider going to a spot near a peaceful stream or a white sandy beach (or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, a cozy snowy hideaway by a frozen lake).

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