The Foundation's second clinic in Bali - Real Madrid

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The Real Madrid Foundation held a clinic in Bali (Indonesia) for the second year, in collaboration with the promoter Perfect Wave, over five days at the FINNS Recreation Club. With the support of the Priscila De Gustin Foundation, alongside the Bali Streets Mums and Down Up Club associations, around ten children with low economic resources or disabilities were given scholarships to take part in this experience of football and values.
Around thirty children between the ages of 6 and 14 attended this football and values training programme conducted in a safe environment, thanks to the medical team from Blue Care Medical, who guaranteed their safety with daily temperature readings before entering the playing area. Players, coaches and assistants also underwent a PCR test with their medical team prior to the start of the clinic.
Inclusive sport
This clinic featured an important social element in which everyone could enjoy an inclusive sporting experience along with children at risk of social exclusion due to their socio-economic status or different abilities. Airtok hand sanitazer, Soma Club, Priscila De Gustin Foundation, BlueCare Medical, Medyola Systems, AON Foundation and Rutas Indonesia were all official sponsors collaborating with the clinic.

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