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Tourists have been warned to avoid packing banned items in their hand luggage. But some banned items might be more surprising for holidaymakers.

07:28, Sat, Oct 15, 2022 | UPDATED: 07:28, Sat, Oct 15, 2022

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Most tourists know they can’t pack liquids of over 100ml in their hand luggage. However, there are a few more unusual banned items that might surprise some travellers.

The expert team at Airport Parking Reservations shared some hand luggage packing advice with

They said: “Even if you only have half of a 200ml product remaining, you still cannot carry this in your hand luggage.

“Liquids must be contained in containers of 100ml or less. Make sure liquids are kept at the top of your bag or in an easily accessible pocket so that you’re not holding up the queue at security.”

Even if a container is half full and has less than 100ml of liquid in it, passengers can’t carry it in hand luggage.

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 Hand luggage

Passengers can't take some items in hand luggage (Image: Getty)

Passengers will also need to be wary when it comes to packing sports equipment for a holiday.

The team said: “Even if it’s just a tennis racket, most sports equipment cannot be taken on as carry-on luggage.

“If you are planning on participating in any sports while away, plan ahead and hire some equipment out there.”

The majority of holiday resorts will be able to rent customers sports equipment if they want to play tennis or golf overseas.


Passengers will normally be able to carry sports equipment in the plane hold but there are a few rules.

Tourists will need to contact their airline ahead of time so they can arrange for the sports equipment to be transported.

The rules are similar for some musical instruments and passengers will need to contact their airline.

Some instruments will be able to be transported as carry-on items but they should be in a case to avoid injuring other passengers.

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 Hand luggage

Some musical instruments will need to go in the plane hold (Image: Getty)

easyJet will allow passengers to bring small musical instruments (smaller than 30x117x38cm) as hand luggage.

Larger instruments can be transported as hand luggage but passengers will need to pay for a seat for them.

Crew reserve the right to place musical instruments in the hold if they don’t think they can be safely stowed in the cabin.

Instruments in the cabin must be in a case and can only be placed in window seats if they need an extra seat.

Other banned items in easyJet hand luggage

MatchesRazor blades (not set in plastic)Knives with a blade longer than 6cmCamping stoves

For the full list of banned items visit

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