Uber Now Offering Same-Day Prescription Drug Delivery via Healthcare Platform

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To further its goal of expanding people's access to healthcare, Uber Health said this week that it will begin offering same-day delivery of prescriptions.

"For the first time, those using Uber Health-including healthcare providers and health plans-will be able to manage prescription delivery from any pharmacy in their service area through the same platform they already use to coordinate transportation for patients," the press release reads.

"This launch enables providers to offer a full suite of care solutions that extend beyond the four walls of a clinic and is designed to improve patient experiences and health outcomes."

Drug Adherence

This is a huge win for Uber Health and millions of individuals lacking regular medical care access. Particularly for the elderly who may have trouble getting about or driving, the option of having prescriptions delivered to their door is a big boon.

More than just practicality, there is an additional upside: better drug adherence. As featured in a report by Forbes, Express Scripts found that patients were more likely to take their drugs as prescribed when delivered to their houses.

According to the study, "Medicare Part D patients taking medications for the comorbid conditions of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol who used a home delivery pharmacy had a 59% greater likelihood of being adherent across each therapy class for medications in home delivery compared to retail."

Closing the Loop

Uber Health Global Head Caitlin Donovan says, "At Uber Health, we are building solutions that address lessons we've learned from years at healthcare companies operating in value-based care contracts."

She acknowledged the inordinate amount of effort put into making sure patients had transportation to their next appointment, that they had the correct medications, and that they had food to eat. She said Uber Health is dedicated to providing a more integrated care experience via a unified digital platform.

"I'm proud to add a scalable prescription delivery solution to our platform that empowers care teams to fully close the loop," Donovan stated.

To get the delivery endeavor off the ground, they teamed up with ScriptDrop, a healthcare technology firm that links pharmacies with delivery services.

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Healthcare Growth

Uber has made significant strides in the healthcare industry as a whole, as reported by Forbes.

The company's primary goal is to enhance patient care by allowing healthcare institutions to schedule rides and services on behalf of others by utilizing a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard or an API (Application Programming Interface).

Like prescription delivery, traveling to a doctor's appointment or hospital may be difficult. Uber fills a critical need in the market by facilitating improved patient access to healthcare providers.

With its vast resources and network, Uber Health has a tremendous potential to have a huge effect and may improve healthcare access for millions of people. The organization has taken a major step forward in its mission to enhance last-mile healthcare delivery with the introduction of prescription delivery on the same day.

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