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For youth empowerment, US’ Macy’s will unveil a multi-year partnership with non-profit organisation Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) to serve young people through the power of mentorship, creating a path for future success and impact that lasts a lifetime. Macy’s customers will have the opportunity to fuel life-changing mentoring experiences by donating online.

As the nation’s largest youth mentoring organisation, BBBSA’s proven model empowers young people on a path for their future with a mentor whose impact lasts a lifetime. Leveraging the expertise of professionally supported mentoring experiences BBBSA’s adult volunteers (Bigs) inspire young people (Littles) to achieve post-secondary success, strengthen mental well-being, and foster an inclusive environment for all, Macy’s said in a press release.

Funds raised through Macy’s partnership will support the innovation of BBBSA’s mentoring model, to help reach and connect more young people with mentors and meaningful mentoring experiences. The vast networks of both Macy’s and BBBSA will partner to provide meaningful, mentoring experiences between adult volunteers and children, ages 5 through young adulthood in communities across the country. In addition to funding, Macy’s will drive awareness of BBBSA’s mission through customer, colleague and community engagement during the height of the holiday season annually, retail’s highest profile time of year.

To launch the new partnership with BBBSA, Macy’s will debut a formal celebration of mentors within the organisation by offering financial bonuses, internal recognition, and exposure to senior leadership through Macy’s Best Mentor & Mentee. Colleagues will be encouraged to share examples of where they provided mentorship at a specific moment in time, peer-to-peer guidance, or a more formal mentoring relationship, including reverse mentorship. This programme will be available to all Macy’s colleagues to promote the mission behind this important partnership.

Through its game changing social purpose platform, Mission Every One, Macy’s will work to the causes and communities that help shape a brighter future for all, but most importantly for young people. BBBSA leads the largest youth mentoring network in the nation, with a mission that aligns with our goals to break down barriers to equity and representation and empower young people. Together we will help inspire a new generation to achieve their dreams and realise their full potential,” Bobby Amirshahi, senior vice president of Macy’s, corporate communications and head of Macy’s community and social impact work, said.

“Our entire Big Brothers Big Sisters network is proud to partner and fuel the work of our shared missions to create social change through collective impact – breaking down barriers for young people and empowering them on a path to a brighter future. Through the power of our partnership with Macy’s and its Mission Every One platform, youth, mentors and families across the country will experience the positive impact of mentorship,” Artis Stevens, president and CEO, BBBSA, said.

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