What Are Our Book Editors Reading?

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What Are Our Book Editors Reading?

Joumana Khatib

Joumana KhatibReading in Brooklyn 📚

The lines between work and home have long been blurred for those of us who read for a living. Here’s a peek at what a few editors on the Books desk and the Book Review read in our downtime →

Gal Beckerman

Gal BeckermanPreview editor, Book Review

If this stack is a reflection of my state of mind, Banham’s ode to Los Angeles and the beautiful absurdity of Hanawalt’s neurotic animals might be the most telling of the bunch.

Tina Jordan

Tina JordanDeputy editor, Book Review

The Colin Dickey, about unexplained phenomena, includes one of my favorite historical episodes, the “Great Kentucky Meat Shower” of 1876, when chunks of raw flesh supposedly fell from the sky.

Andrew LaVallee

Andrew LaValleeDeputy editor for news and features

Poetry and fiction keep me company most of the time, especially in 2020.

J.D. Biersdorfer

J.D. BiersdorferProduction editor, Book Review

I like mood-based options at the ready, and I bounce between a bunch of different books depending on what I feel like reading on any given evening. 

Joumana Khatib

Joumana KhatibSenior staff editor, Books

I’m notorious for juggling several books at once, and now that I hardly leave the house, my reading material is flung about my apartment. But these are books that have been comforting to keep close by.

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