What is next for Germany after Angela Merkel?

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Angela Merkel steps down as chancellor after 16 years leading Europe’s biggest economy.

For 16 years, Chancellor Angela Merkel steered Germany through economic meltdowns, refugee crises and – most recently – a pandemic.

Now her leadership has come to an end.

Olaf Scholz takes over as chancellor and will run Europe’s biggest economy.

He says his three-party coalition government will work with democracies around the world and strengthen the European Union.

Scholz faces numerous challenges, including rising COVID-19 infections, climate change and geopolitical tensions with Russia and China.

So what is next for Germany and the European Union?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Ulrich Brueckner – Professor of political science, Stanford University in Berlin

Rebecca Christie – Non-resident fellow at Bruegel, an independent think-tank

Matt Qvortrup – Chair of applied political science at Coventry University and author of Angela Merkel: Europe’s Most Influential Leader

Published On 8 Dec 2021

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