Did Curiosity snap an image of a mysterious “creature” on Mars?

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Ultimate evidence of life on Mars: Did NASA’s Curiosity rover snap an image of a mysterious “creature” on the surface of Mars?

NASA’s Curiosity rover has snapped another incredible image of Mars that has led to a lot of debate whether there is life or not on the red planet. Many people believe that even though the surface conditions of Mars are far too harsh to sustain life, there is life beneath the Martian surface, and this new image of NASA’s curiosity rover has awakened the debate among researchers, ufologists, and media whether Mars is home to alien life.

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For all of you who remain skeptical head over to NASA’s archives and see the RAW image file, to do so, click here.

The “peculiar” image seems to show “something” hanging onto the cliffs on the red planet, at least that’s how it looks, doesn’t it? Can’t see the object in question? Look carefully to the center-right part of the image, there, you will notice a strange object that clearly stands out from the rest of the surrounding landscape. There are rocks on Mars, there are rocks that might look a bit strange, and then you have objects like the one in this image. Something that is completely out of place and doesn’t seem to be a rock.

The object in question seems to have ten weirdly shaped “lines” or “tentacles” coming from the center of the oval-shaped “structure?”

If it is a rock, then it surely is the strangest rock ever seen on the red planet, wouldn’t you agree?

MREDXXX - Did Curiosity snap an image of a mysterious “creature” on Mars?The original image

But, what is this thing? Is it just another rock? Or is it possible that this image is the ultimate proof of life on Mars, and that this isn’t just another rock, like many claim it to be? A Very strange-looking rock that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in the surrounding landscape of the red planet.

You cannot deny seeing a curiously shaped object in the image, an object that doesn’t look like a rock and doesn’t seem to belong to the cliff, where the object is seen.

Interestingly, people who have seen the image believe that this mysterious objects is in fact guarding some sort of entrance to an underground tunnel on Mars. Too much science fiction? Well could be, but if you see the image closely, you will see that behind this mysterious “tentacle object,” there seems to be some sort of entrance, of course this could be just another shadow behind it, but you cannot help and wonder what the heck this object actually is?

Rock or not, this image has certainly awakened the interest in a lot of people for Mars, and everything that is going on at the surface of neighbour planet.

What if, there actually is life on Mars, life that somehow, managed to survive the harsh conditions on the red planet, and found a safe harbor beneath the Red Planet’s surface.

Let us know what you think this mysterious object might be!

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