How to Get Famous and Become an Authority in Your Industry

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A celebrity tag gives you instant authority and leverage in any industry, irrespective of competition. You no longer have to chase after deals or clients. Instead, organizations and brands seek you out. You're always the first person people turn to for solutions and advice.

When you’re famous, you attract high-paying clients and no longer have to discount your rates—because you compete with others based on value and not price. But becoming an authority doesn't happen overnight, you have to invest your time, money (to learn), and energy. Below are some strategies you can use to become an authority in your industry.

1. Offer Lessons to the Public

Free lessons on interesting topics in your industry can help arouse interest and make you forge relationships with potential customers. If you plan to use this method to get famous, you may first need to improve your public speaking skills and have a good knowledge of the topic you cover. If your lessons provide value and you can get people to listen, you’ll quickly become a local celebrity.

You can organize small workshops online or offline and target a specific audience. If you're selling a product, offer freebies on some days to your audience. People love free things, so it’s an excellent way to get referrals and build a name.

2. Write Articles and Get them Published

The ability to write good articles can help you to establish yourself as an expert and become famous. It also gives you an opportunity to market your products and sell more. After writing well-researched articles, get them published in the right places--blogs, magazines, and even in newspapers--to reach readers and potential clients.

Visit a few authority blogs and magazines in your niche to come up with topics that might interest readers. You'll need to be consistent at writing and publishing before you’re considered an authority in your industry. The process can also be costly as some sites and magazines may ask for money to publish your content. If you're short on money, fast title loans are a quick way to get funding.

3. Get on TV or Radio

Appearing on mainstream media is one of the quickest ways to get your name out there. Most people believe TV experts, and it’s also a good way to connect with potential customers. With Radio, you may need to do a little more to draw the masses, but it can also pay off. Try focusing on controversial industry topics and adding funny anecdotes to make people sit and listen. Your ultimate goal is to get listeners hooked and remember your name.

To get on radio or TV, seek out programs that are constantly looking for guest speakers and see whether you'll make a good fit. You can reach out to the producers and share your pitch with them. More people watch TV than they listen to the radio, so contact TV producers first.

Use these 3 tips to get famous and increase your authority in your industry. You can focus on one at a time, and if it works, rinse and repeat.

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