Body Sculpting: 8 Factors You Need To Know

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Regular exercising and a good diet are the key to a fit body. But sometimes, those are not enough. It doesn't matter how hard or how long you work out, some stubborn fat stays with you. Moreover, we hardly get enough time to do a proper workout or follow a healthy lifestyle.

We work late at night, wake up early, do not drink enough water, eat unhealthy food, avoid walking or climbing stairs, and the list never ends. As a result, we keep gaining weight. So, if you are looking forward to getting rid of stubborn fat, body sculpting is the best solution. Below are a few things you must know about body sculpting.

What is body sculpting?

In this process, cooling is applied to destroy your fatty cells to give you a sculpture-like body. The process of CoolSculpting, where fat is frozen, is the most well-known. It is a non-invasive procedure that permanently destroys your fat.

Even though people have been opting for cool body sculpting since 2010, most of us have no idea what it is. If you want to learn some interesting facts about body sculpting, keep reading.

Things you must know about body sculpting

Not a fat reduction tool

If you are excessively overweight and expecting this treatment to work like a miracle, you will be disappointed. Body Sculpting only works when you are close to your ideal weight. It gives the finishing touch to your contoured body. So, you can’t use it as a substitute for a fat reduction routine. It will only help you to get rid of the fat immediately beneath your skin.

It can't help with skin tightening

Body Sculpting cannot treat sagging skin. Its fat-burning capability is minimal, so if you have sagging skin, this process cannot make it disappear. Setting realistic expectations from this treatment is very important. Body Sculpting is a part of the getting in shape process, not the whole process itself.

One session may not be enough

The sessions required depend on the individual and the target area. If you want to reduce your double chin or fat in small areas, one or two sessions are enough, but for belly fat reduction, several sessions are required. 

No immediate results

You need to understand that body sculpting results will appear only after three to four weeks. During this process, the fat cells are destroyed, and get discharged from your body naturally. So, any visible change appears only when your body has released enough fat. 

Thus, the process continues for nearly four to six months. So, you have to be patient and ensure that you do not gain more weight during this process.

Pain and discomfort

Since it is a non-invasive surgery, you do not feel any discomfort during it. If you are sensitive to cold, you may feel some tingling sensation when the applicator is placed on your skin. Apart from that, during the fat suction, you may feel a bit of a stinging sensation. 

Otherwise, the whole process is painless. If you have questions about this, check out coolSculpting reviews of the concerned clinic before booking an appointment. This will help you make an informed decision.

Recovery time

The best thing about body sculpting is, there is no recovery time needed. You can return to your usual routine just after the treatment. When you opt for surgery or other treatments, you have to take rest for a few days. It is not the case with cool body sculpting.

During the treatment

Usually, this treatment takes one hour. But this can be the longest one hour of your life. That is why people are advised to bring a book or magazines for reading. You can also listen to the music you love and relax. All these work as great distractions as well. Thus, time will fly, and you will feel less discomfort.

Healthy lifestyle

No treatment can help if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. Yes, you can opt for surgeries and therapies. But after a few months, you will again start gaining weight. So, the result of cool body sculpting is up to you and your choices. You have to adopt a healthy lifestyle to stay fit. 

You will get a contoured body after cool sculpting, but maintaining the figure is tough. So, exercise and eat healthy to avoid gaining fat.


Staying slim and fit is not that easy. Sometimes, due to our genetic features or health condition, we gain weight even after following a healthy lifestyle. For those people, taking medical help is the only solution. 

Body sculpting is the only non-invasive process that has almost no side effects. Because of its numerous benefits, people are opting for it. But always consult with your physician before you book an appointment for body sculpting. So, if you are sure about this treatment, visit the best clinic and get your body contouring done.

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