Europe retain Solheim Cup with 14-14 tie with US

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Comment posted by Paul Gilbert, today at 16:49

Fantastic. Shame about McKinley commentary.

Comment posted by blah blah, today at 16:49

Well done Europe. An amazing performance. Thought the ending was shambolic and lacked class with the prolonged green invasion with a live match coming through. Also surely the presentation of the trophy deserved a bigger stage.

Hopefully the Ryder cup will be as good.

Comment posted by sasquatch, today at 16:48

the US team deserve alot of credit for the way they started but will be gutted to let that slip and to be fair with an hour to go Europe were missing alot of putts and looking very dicey but some gutsy play saw it home. a terrific contest in the end and whilst the atmosphere might not have been as we would have perhaps expected is was sporting - hope it is the same this weekend. Go europe!

Comment posted by JP-Julio-Eugenio-Cal, today at 16:48

Thoroughly enjoyed the Solheim Cup this year, don't usually follow it as closely as I did this weekend however I'm glad I did. The drama kept me refreshing the latest scores. Well done everyone involved. Glad Europe came through in the end.

Comment posted by liverpool supporter right here, today at 16:48

Take a bow Carlota Ciganda. You never let the team and won all of her four matches

Comment posted by Spoondog, today at 16:47

Amazing spirit to come back from losing the opening session 4-0. The American's may be higher ranked golfers, but there's something about the Solheim Cup that inspires the Europeans to play out of their skins. Brilliant from Hedwall to turn her match around & the script had to see Ciganda win the decisive point. Just a brilliant weekend's entertainment. Bring on the Ryder Cup.

Comment posted by liverpool supporter right here, today at 16:47

I will make sure in future not to write off a team after the first session as i said the captain was out of her depth and i got it completely wrong as her tactics after that were faultless

Comment posted by Harold Jarman, today at 16:46

Fantastic fightback by the lady's of Europe, world rankings count for nowt in match play!!

Comment posted by Ling Liu LiverpoolFC GBR, today at 16:45

Comment posted by fumanstu, today at 16:45

Carrrlotttta Ciggggaaaanndaa, Carrr…
When you’re on the 16th and your opponent sticks it in to 8’ and you step up and stiff it, then stiff it again on the 17th, to retain the trophy, at home in front of your people, family, friends, your peers, the king and probably the biggest audience for women’s golf ,…granite! Ole Ole Ole Ole !!!

Comment posted by liverpool supporter right here, today at 16:45

When you need a player to step up and who does not let you down at the Solheim Cup then take a bow Leona Maguire. She is certainly Miss Solheim Cup

Reply posted by Just__Facts, today at 16:49

Comment posted by liverpool supporter right here, today at 16:44

So the first two days the US team were happy to concede gimmies to the European team because it is quite sporting. But today the US team team went back to their old habits of making Europe putt the gimmies just because they wanted to win so much

Comment posted by liverpool supporter right here, today at 16:43

Well done Anna Nordqvist. You came good in the end after losing three matches. It shows that form is temporary and class is permanent

Comment posted by liverpool supporter right here, today at 16:42

What a performance from Carlota Ciganda to win her deciding match after losing a three shot lead on the back nine. But to close it out with that shot on seventeen took guts. She is the female Seve

Comment posted by liverpool supporter right here, today at 16:41

I would like to apologise to Suzann Pettersen as i was highly critical of her captaincy after the first session when Europe were four nil down and i said she was out of depth. But i like to admit that i got it completely wrong and that she got spot on in the matches afterwards. Well done Suzann and the rest of the team for their incredible comeback

Reply posted by Richard, today at 16:44

Richard replied:

I am sure she jumped on here straight away to see your fake apology looking for “likes”

Comment posted by displayName, today at 16:41

Superb. What a tee shot in front of her home crowd too to set up the win. Well played USA also. 4-0 down after the first session

Comment posted by Ecopod, today at 16:40

Jings, crivens and help ma boab that was some last hour - the sort of drama only sport of the highest order can bring.

I may be on a post Solheim high but well done to everyone, players from both sides, the crazy fans, the sensible fans, the ground staff, the volunteers, everyone - okay everyone except the DJ!

Brilliant stuff.

Comment posted by Pete, today at 16:40

Well done Europe- I had a feeling you’d do it.

Comment posted by Terry, today at 16:40

As the Spanish player made the putt that retained us the cup, I just kept thinking "please Ryder Cup captain, get permission before you kiss her".

Reply posted by Buffetology, today at 16:42

Buffetology replied:

Class comment ... a reckon the Spanish FA chairman (who is now no more) would have kissed a bloke if one was in front of him ... looks like he just got carried away

Comment posted by Mark Smith, today at 16:39

Ok, who wrote that script? They looked dead and buried a couple of hours ago, but somehow managed the tie. That will feel like a win. USA will be gutted, as they were much the better side for most of today. From 4-0 down, that’s quite something against a strong side. It had to be Carlota Ciganda, didn’t it?

Reply posted by Terry, today at 16:43

Terry replied:

What event were you watching? Europe were ahead most of the time on the last day, accept for maybe the last 30 mins when Ciganda dropped back to level. Then Europe had to win a couple of holes. And they did it.

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