Extraordinary Documentary tells us how Ancient Aliens helped build the Pyramids of Egypt

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If there are two things that people are fascinated about than those two are probably Ancient Egypt and… Aliens. The intriguing and enigmatic history of ancient Egypt has so many questions that scholars simply cannot answer, possibly because of their conventional thinking methods or because in the end, they prefer to leave the truth where it is… hidden from sight.

One of the most searched for answers when it comes to Ancient Egypt is who built the Pyramids of Egypt and how were these megalithic structures built… thousands of years ago? What if, as the Ancient Alien Theory suggests, beings not from Earth had something to do with the construction of the Pyramids at the Giza Plateau?

The Great Pyramid of Giza is perhaps the most enigmatic of the three. The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. The position of the North Pole moves over time and the pyramid was precisely aligned at one time. The centers of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only 8 sided pyramid, this effect is not visible from the ground or from a distance but only from the air, and then only under the proper lighting conditions. This phenomenon is only detectable from the air at dawn and sunset on the spring and autumn equinoxes, when the sun casts shadows on the pyramid.

ALIEN-BUILDERS-SUPERVISING-EGYPTIAN-GIZA-PYRAMID-CONSTRUCTION - Extraordinary Documentary tells us how Ancient Aliens helped build the Pyramids of EgyptWho do you think are the real builders of the Pyramids? And why has mankind adopted the custom of building Pyramid all over the world?

The great pyramid is the oldest and largest, rising at 481 feet (146 meters). Archaeologists say it was the tallest structure in the world for about 3, 800 years. The curvature designed into the faces of the pyramid exactly matches the radius of the earth.

Just how did ancient Egyptians manage to build these incredible structures thousands of years ago… and better yet… did the ancient Egyptians even build the pyramids at the Giza Plateau? What is the true purpose of the great pyramid of Giza? A Pyramid that illustrates the Sun’s radius: Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun’s mean radius. [270.45378502 Pyramid Inches* 10^8 = 427,316 miles] and a structure that details the Earth’s mass: The weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass.

The following documentary is intended to give the reader/viewer an alternative perspective about the Great Pyramid and its true origin. The documentary is provokingly interesting and offers an alternative to mainstream explanations about the history of ancient Egypt, its kings and those who built some of the most incredible structures on the surface of our planet.

Let us know what you think about the construction of the pyramids, the methods used and the general purpose of these megalithic structures that stand tall and proud at the Giza plateau.

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