Israel army launches air attacks on Gaza

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Published On 7 Oct 2023

Israel’s military has launched air strikes on Gaza in response to a barrage of more than 2,000 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip that killed at least 22 Israelis and wounded hundreds.

“Dozens of IDF fighter jets are currently striking a number of targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip,” the Israeli military said.

Hundreds of residents fled their homes in eastern Gaza to move away from the border with Israel.

Men, women and children were seen carrying blankets and food as they fled, mostly in the northeastern part of the territory.

The latest escalation comes against a backdrop of surging violence between Israel and Palestinian fighters in the West Bank, which is part of territory illegally occupied by Israel, and the blockaded Gaza Strip.

It also comes at a time of political upheaval in Israel, which has been riven by deep divisions over moves to overhaul the judiciary, and as Washington works to strike a deal that would normalise ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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