Tech giant Samsung hit with indefinite strike

6 days ago 19

A union representing workers at South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics has called on its roughly 30,000 members to go on strike indefinitely, as part of its campaign for better pay and benefits.

The announcement came on the last day of a three-day general strike being held by the National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU).

The union said it had made the decision after management showed no intention of holding talks over its demands.

Samsung did not immediately reply to the BBC's request for comment.

"The company has no intention to engage in a dialogue even after the first general strike, thus we declare a second general strike starting from July 10th, lasting indefinitely," a statement on the union's website said.

The NSEU, which represents nearly a quarter of Samsung Electronics' workers in South Korea, said its actions had disrupted production. However, Samsung has disputed this claim.

Samsung Electronics is the world's largest maker of memory chips, smartphones and televisions.

After the NSEU announcement, the company's shares were trading flat to a little lower on the Korea Stock Exchange.

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