Termite Damage Signs You Should Never Ignore

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People often tend to ignore termite damage considering them to be insignificant creatures. But in contrast, termites can be dangerous as they destroy your lovely home. Termites eat your home from inside out, and when it reaches an uncontrollable level, your entire house stands at the risk of collapsing.

Early detection of termite damage can also save you from spending hundreds of dollars on repairing those damage. Therefore, it is extremely essential to keep an eye on the slightest damage signs.

In this blog, you will get to know about recurring termite damage signs that you should never ignore. If you want to learn more about the topic, keep reading till the end.

Ten Termite damage signs

Wood damage

Wood damage is one of the most prominent signs of termite damage. Hence, it is better to always inspect your wooden furniture, floorboards, wooden paneling and see if there are any holes.

Sometimes termite damage is not visible from outside, so you should tap on them and see if there is a hollow sound coming from them. If you notice any hollow sound, there are high chances that it’s been damaged by termites.

Mud shelter tubes

Muddy tubes are another sign of termite damage. Termites make these tubes between wood and soil deposits as the tubes give them sun protection.

Mud tubes are very common in the home foundation, crawl space, cement blocks, etc. Hence, make sure that you check these places carefully, and if you find any of these crawl tubes, make sure to destroy them immediately.

Hollow sound on the walls

Tap on the walls and listen if you are getting a hollow sound. The hollow sound confirms the presence of termites and the eating of the wall from inside. If actions are not taken immediately, it will spread even further, leaving you with the risk of the wall collapsing.

Shredded wings

Termites grow wings to fly from one place to another and make nests. Once they are done setting up their nests, they will shed their wings.

If you find excessive wings shredded in your house, it is a sign of termite damage. But termite wings look very similar to ant wings, so you might not be able to distinguish between them. Hence, call warrantied extermination services to check if they are termite wings or not.

Cracks on baseboard walls

When termites climb on the walls, baseboards are the first thing they encounter, and baseboards are the foremost thing to bear the brunt of the termites. Termite damage causes cracks on the baseboards, which make a hollow sound when tapped. From the baseboards, termites can spread to the wooden floors and destroy them too. Hence, keep an eye on your baseboards to save them from these tiny monsters.

Window and door frames lose grip

Termites can make the grip of doors and windows very weak. It makes the windows and doors very wobbly, and gradually they get displaced from their position. Doors and windows slightly get tilted, and you will face difficulty in opening and closing the doors. Moreover, termites also eat up the frame of doors and windows and make them hollow from the inside.

Termite dust

Another prominent sign that termite is damaging your house is dust on the wall base. The dust is termite feces, and wall dirt and termite ejects this from tiny pinholes. Termite dust is very common underneath wooden furniture and doors. It is a sign that termites are slowly devouring your home furniture.


Termites usually make a lot of noise. Pests connect with each other by banging their heads on the wood. It sounds like rattling on the walls. If you hear a similar sound, there are high chances that they are damaging the furniture or other wooden structure.

Tiny pinholes on the walls

Pinholes are a sign of termite damage to your home. Termites make pinholes to take out dead termites and frass, and they can make it on both dry and damp walls. Termites also throw the dust and dirt that occurs while making pathways inside the walls through these pinholes.

Paints falling off the walls

Termite damage makes the walls look like it has water seepage inside it. You will notice bubbles on the wall, and the paint will fall off the walls. This happens because when the walls inside become hollow, moisture reaches the surface, and heat makes the moisture evaporate. Due to this, lumps occur on the walls, and it damages the paints as well.


Discussed above are some of the recurrent signs of termite damage. If you notice any of these signs, take immediate and preventive measures. Termites are not something to ignore as they can lead to major damages and thousands of dollars of property damage.

Hopefully, this blog helped you identify any pest damage around your house, and you could get rid of them immediately. Watch this place for more related topics!

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