UFOlogists find another statue on the surface of Mars

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Okay everyone, here is another interesting one from Mars. Real ‘statue’ or pareidolia kicking in again?

Mars has certainly given us a lot to talk about this year. There have been hundreds of images made available to the public which allegedly show ‘structures’ on the surface of the red planet. While most of these images are probably the result of pareidolia, game of lights and pixelations, some of the images are very difficultly explained. Better said, they are unexplainable.

One of those unexplained images on Mars is the following one according to UFO hunters and ‘ufologists’ around the globe.

According to Scot Waring from UFO sightings daily and YouTube user Stereetcap1, the image displays a mysterious ‘statue’ of a humanoid figure sitting on the surface of Mars. Evidence of ancient civilizations?

As with previous images of mysterious structures and UFOs on Mars, there are divided opinions on the subject. One person who saw the image on ufosightingsdaily.com is very skeptical about the findings saying:

“Do you verify the content you put up here? Is this authentic or is it generally to create buzz. What are your sources? I also see random pics on UFO put up by people here. Do you have a team there verifies the authenticity of this content?”

Of course we have checked the official RAW image from NASA and to our surprise the mysterious rock formation is there. Of course it depends on how you look at it.

While it is very possible that we are looking at a statue of a lost ancient Martian civilization, we could very well be observing just another oddly shaped rock on the surface of Mars.

There are many people who firmly believe that our red neighboring planet was inhabited in the distant past and that several advanced civilizations flourished on the surface of Mars.

One scientists that believes the red planet was inhabited in the past is Dr. Brandenburg who not only believes Mars was capable of sustaining life in the past, he believes that two civilizations, known as Cydonians and Utopians were massacred in the giant nuclear attack – and evidence of the genocide can still be seen today.

In a TV interview, Dr. Brandenburg stated: “Two great disasters happened on Mars,” he told Supreme Master TV, pointing to Utopia on a map. “One here, and then an asteroid impact happened here, and Cydonia was right in between them. That’s puzzling. Why would so many bad things happen in one area of mars that just so happened to have archaeology on it?”

Like Dr. Brandenburg, there are other individuals who firmly believe that we are finding evidence of ancient civilizations on Mars, and one of those crucial pieces of evidence are the images provided by NASA’s rovers.

Is it possible that this new image of Mars is another piece of evidence that the red planet was inhabited in the distant past? Or are we looking at just another curious rock formation on the surface of Mars? Let us know what you think and post your comments below.

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